Implementing Your CRM Success

Ambit Software relies on a highly effective, proprietary methodology, which has resulted in a success rate greater than 85%, considerably higher than the CRM industry average. It addresses all stages of the project from initial proposal and statement of work through requirements gathering, system design, implementation and deployment, training and ongoing support. Ambit documents each stage in the process and obtains client agreement to ensure the objectives of the project are met within the constraints and budget.

The initial stage of the Ambit methodology is the Needs Assessment Proposal. This document reiterates the customer’s objectives along with the scope of the project, timeline and known constraints. It outlines CRM system design requirements, as well as the process for gathering the necessary information.

At the beginning of a new project, Ambit Software carefully identifies the competitive advantages and the functional requirements anticipated from the new CRM system. This is accomplished by conducting wide-ranging face-to-face and
phone interviews with stakeholders throughout the organization.

  • Needs Assessment Proposal
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Design
  • Development (Software Customization) and Implementation
  • Strategic and Tactical Support
  • Training

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June 25, 2014