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Financial Management

As the business grows in complexity so does its financial operations. Soon, archaic ways of dealing with finance make way to a need for modern financial management solutions.

Finance executives spend a lot of time following up. With automation, most of the repetitive and manual tasks are eliminated. Advanced Financial Management suite enables the creation of customizable billing schedules and templates, automates the creation of order-based invoices.

Ambit helps you navigate the complexity by implementing a solution that your business needs to track and record daily financial operations and generate reports and advance drill-down analysis.

Solution Portfolio

Finance & Accounting

Add core accounting functionality to real-time business insights


Eliminate billing errors, strengthen revenue recognition, improve accuracy

Revenue Recognition

Comply with accounting standards and report accurately

Financial Planning

Intuitive planning, budgeting, and forecasting solution

Local Taxation

Flexible, pre-configuration of tax codes and localized reporting

Financial Reporting

Gain complete, on-demand, and real-time visibility into your business

Global Accounting

Ensuring local and global compliance and consolidation in real-time


Addresses the issues of governance, risk management, and effective compliance

Alliances & Platforms


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