CRM Success – How To Measure it

It is vitally important that you know wheth er your CRM implementation is tracking toward success or something less.

Companies can use a number of metrics for gauging CRM success. Two of the best are (1) Increase in Revenue and (2) Increase in Productivity. Both are interrelated. Tracking the first is straightforward and easy. The second is both difficult to track and to score, but essential nonetheless. Productivity improvements of 2% to 15% will yield impressive revenue increases. A modest target of 10% is readily achievable in most instances. Once you have set the productivity target, revenue increases are easy to project. Of course, you cannot measure increases in revenues
or productivity without a baseline. Companies know what their revenues are, so that baseline is easy. But how do you go about determining your productivity metrics and setting baselines for them?

  • Focus On Revenue and Productivity Increases
  • Build A CRM Success Matrix
  • Target Productivity Improvements
  • Soft Targets Are Also Important
  • When To Measure
  • One Consultant’s Definition
May 25, 2014