A CRM implementation must take into consideration how you plan to execute your go-to-market strategy. The go-to market execution plan can be defined by a three step process. First, you must refine the positioning of your products and services to reflect current market conditions. Concurrence must be gained at all levels of management on the positioning you will be going to market with. This refined positioning is the cornerstone of your new Go-to-Market

execution plan. Second, create a Sales & Marketing Playbook that documents your positioning, sales execution plan, target buyers, messages, sales process and sales tools needed to execute the sales process defined in the CRM system.
Finally, enable the sales force to carry out the sales execution plan using the processes and tools documented in the
playbook and make them accessible via the web through your CRM system.

  1. Repositioning – The Cornerstone of Effective Execution
  2. Sales Playbooks – The Power to Execute
  3. Sales Enablement – Developing the Sales Organization


June 25, 2014