Ambit Software Launches Field Service Management on Sugar Outfitters


Optimizing Field Operations: Ambit Software Launches Field Service Management on Sugar Outfitters!

Pune, India – November 17, 2023 – Ambit Software, a renowned CRM/CX company and Elite Partner of SugarCRM, is excited to announce the release of its Field Service Management add-on on Sugar Outfitters. This innovative solution is set to transform field operations for engineering and capital goods enterprises, significantly enhancing overall efficiency.
With a strong global presence, Ambit Software has a deep understanding of the unique requirements of manufacturing enterprises. The Field Service Management solution aims to broaden the capabilities of SugarCRM, catering to a wider audience with comprehensive functional needs.
Jenit Ramaiya, CEO and Co-Founder of Ambit Software, shared insights into the inspiration behind the solution’s development, stating, “Our collaboration with mid-to-large engineering enterprises highlighted the preference for SugarCRM due to its adaptability, usability, and functionality. When customers expressed the need to centralize Field Service Management functions on the same platform, we saw a remarkable opportunity to consolidate and refine the solution. Ambit Software is committed to leveraging its business acumen and agile approach to create impactful solutions like the Field Service Management offering.”

Key Features of Ambit’s Field Service Management Add-On:

  • Automation of Case to Service Order for Break-fix & Preventive Maintenance
  • IIoT Enabled Predictive and Condition-Based Maintenance
  • Resource Scheduling & Route Planning
  • SLA Management for Multi-Service Centers
  • Technician Route Optimization
  • Trunk Management
  • Digital Service Report Completion with Digital Signatures
  • Timesheet Management

This significant announcement is poised to empower businesses in three crucial areas:

  • Unlocking Larger Upsell Opportunities in Parts and Labor (Revenue)
  • Lowering Costs Through Optimized Field Service Operations
  • Elevating Customer Satisfaction Through Timely and Effective Field Services

This launch reinforces Ambit’s leadership in delivering modern solutions tailored to the manufacturing sector, directly impacting vital business KPIs.

About Ambit Software: Ambit Software is a distinguished customer experience, digital enterprise, and digital engineering products and solutions company. With a global presence spanning the USA, UAE, The Netherlands, and India, Ambit Software has served over 200 customers globally, providing innovative and cost-effective solutions.

For businesses aiming to expedite their Ticket-to-Invoice cycle and enhance customer experience, Ambit Software’s Field Service Management Add-On for SugarCRM offers a comprehensive solution. Designed for industries requiring onsite service, it automates core processes, including planning and forecasting, customer service and appointments, scheduling and dispatch, mobile workforce management, and revenue performance management.

Benefits of Ambit’s Field Service Management:

  • Increased Upsell Opportunities for Additional Revenue
  • Reduced Costs through Optimized Field Service Operations
  • Heightened Customer Satisfaction through Timely and Effective Field Services
  • Improved Cashflows from Faster Ticket-to-Invoice Cycles
  • Multi-Language Capabilities

For more information about Ambit Software’s Field Service Management add-on and other offerings available on SugarOutfitters, please visit SugarOutfitters – Ambit Field Service.

November 18, 2023

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