Ambit Software Announces release of Consumer Durables Extension for Field Service Management on SugarCRM

Ambit Software’s SugarCRM-based Field Service Management solution now extended to provide the white goods and brown good sectors with industry specific functionalities of Repairs, Exchange, and Returns as well as IRIS code compliance.

Pune, India – 10th November 2020 – Ambit Software, an award-winning CRM/CX company and Elite Partner of SugarCRM, today announced the release of the Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) extension for its Field Service Management solution for SugarCRM. Catering to the Consumer goods and Electronics (white goods and brown goods) sectors, this extension will digitally transform the SLM function, impacting customer, associate, and partner experience.

The core Field Service Management add-on for SugarCRM, launched earlier this year, was specifically intended for the field service-intensive functions of engineering businesses. This new extension for the white and brown goods sector is built to cater to the mobile asset (product) as opposed to mobile technicians attending to tasks on the field. Ambit’s SLM extension keeps track of assets as they change hands through a return/repair/replace cycle and also remains aware of their condition and ownership as they change hands between customers, own staff or even sub-contractors during the service lifecycle. Ambit’s SLM extension is compliant to IRIS, a standardised system of codes used by the brown goods sector to store, retrieve and communicate condition, quality and warranty information of assets.

“Leveraging SugarCRM’s high degree of adaptability, we have created the SLM extension on Sugar CRM so that OEMs can maintain asset-centricity while delivering excellent customer service “, said Gopal Vaidyanathan, Sr. Vice President of Ambit Software. “Ambit Software’s SLM solution is rich in functionality and yet modular to align with the degree of complexity an organisation deals with, in its service delivery.”

Ambit Software’s Service Lifecycle Management solution includes a variety of key functions and features:

  • Generation of IRIS code from symptoms and diagnoses
  • Case lifecycle tracking and reporting
  • EDI integration with external parties for asset status tracking
  • Support for Multi-Frequency Pricing
  • Knowledgebase: creation, maintenance, search, and feedback for higher case deflection

This announcement will allow white and brown goods manufacturers to benefit in three important areas:

  • Faster resolution of customer issues
  • Closer monitoring of product/asset state through own and partner network
  • Higher customer satisfaction and retention

This announcement further strengthens Ambit’s position in addressing the unique challenges of the white/brown goods micro-vertical of the manufacturing industry.

About Ambit Software:

Ambit Software is a customer experience, digital enterprise and digital engineering products and solutions company. Ambit serves its customers through continued and focused efforts and high calibre working practices and procedures. The company has offices in USA, UAE, The Netherlands, and delivery centres in India. The company has been working with over 200 customers across the globe, providing them with innovative and cost-effective solutions.

October 10, 2020

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