Ambit Software Announces Payments integration for the Configure Price Quote (CPQ) add-on for SugarCRM

Ambit Software announces launch of payments integration for CPQ on SugarCRM, to complete the quote-to-payments lifecycle.

Pune, India – 18th December 2020 – Ambit Software, an award-winning CRM/CX company and Elite Partner of SugarCRM, today announced payment integration for its Configure Price Quote (CPQ) add-on for SugarCRM. Enabled to integrate with various payment platforms, the CPQ add-on is now equipped to close the revenue cycle through to collection. This solution is compatible with all standard payment gateways such as Paypal and as well as subscription engines such as Chargify and Chargebee.

The Payments module has been created to include the following functionalities:

  • Real-time updates of orders from SugarCRM to payment gateways or subscription engines
  • EOD updates of successful and failed transactions
  • Support for Orders with multiple line items
  • Support for Multi-Frequency Pricing
  • Support for Multi-Currency & Taxes
  • Manage Commissions
  • Digital Service Report completion with digital signatures
  • Timesheet management

“The Payments function for our CPQ add-on has been built on Sugar Integrate making SugarCRM a competitive alternative to full-blown CRM platforms. We have architected it to work with on-prem as well as cloud-based versions of Sugar. Closing the payments’ gap has now enabled us to take SugarCRM to prospects and customers that would have otherwise needed an external application to manage payments”, said Gopal Vaidyanthan, Sr. Vice President Ambit Software. “The addition of the integrated Payments suite is a product of our ongoing innovation to meet a growing demand of full-scale CPQ functions with SugarCRM.”

The addition of Payments to the CPQ add-on brings our customers the following benefits:

  • Single interface for lead-to-cash.
  • Enrich customer information with payments data.
  • Faster time-to-cash due to automated authorisation and payment processes.

About Ambit Software:

Ambit Software is a customer experience, digital enterprise and digital engineering products and solutions company. Ambit serves its customers through continued and focused efforts and high calibre working practices and procedures. The company has offices in USA, UAE, The Netherlands, and delivery centres in India. The company has been working with over 200 customers across the globe, providing them with innovative and cost-effective solutions.

December 18, 2020

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