SugarCRM - Hubspot

Are your leads generated through Hubspot falling through the cracks and never reaching sales? Is your sales team desiring more lead intelligence? Is your business growth hitting a roadblock despite investing in best-in-class systems from SugarCRM and Hubspot.

To address all these questions and close the loop between marketing and sales, we have created a SugarCRM-Hubspot Connector that not only integrates both the systems seamlessly but also gives you a 360-degree view of your customers from lead to closure and for further upselling and cross-selling. Our team can set you up in minutes and our support staff is dedicated to maintaining and improving your integration.


  • Seamless backend integration
  • Configurable field mapping
  • Synchronize Campaigns, Lists, Leads, Contacts, Companies, Deals, Products and even Activities between the two systems
  • Track details like page visits and event attendance data of Hubspot within SugarCRM
  • Synchronize both creation and modification of records
  • Valuable lead intelligence for your sales team
  • Segment customer information in SugarCRM and run upsell and cross-sell campaigns in Hubspot

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