Configure, Price and Quote powered by SugarCRM

A CPQ tool helps your sales teams Configure, Price and Quote to customers and prospects. Ambit Software has made the CPQ function available inside SugarCRM through an add-on. Ambit’s CPQ for SugarCRM allows you to manage Price Lists and Price Books to cater to various pricing complexities. Bundling, Kitting and Accessorizing rules ensure that intra-bundle compatibility is maintained, and revenues are maximized. Upsell and cross-sell recommendations are available to the sales team, so no opportunity is overlooked.

By bringing in inventory status, the sales team can make stock-aware sales avoiding overcommitting and the Quotation module allows you to list items, group them and even securely route and sign them with DocuSign integration.


  • Natively built on SugarCRM
  • Supports key functionalities of contract, quotation and order management, workflow approval & authorization & e-signatures
  • All core CPQ functions available through mobile (iOS and Android) platforms.
  • Ability to integrate with different ERP applications and other systems via SugarIntegrate
  • Products can be configured easily, based on business needs
  • Highly intuitive user experience
  • Adaptable configuration of validation and pricing rules to prevent booking errors
  • Ensures high data integrity and accuracy


  • Reduce Enquiry-to-Quote duration
  • Improve pricing accuracy
  • Improve responses to market dynamics and competitive pricing
  • Increase opportunities to upsell/cross-sell
  • Bring in process efficiencies with workflow authorization and approval process
  • Enable quick roll-outs of new products and pricing configurations locally and globally

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