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SugarCRM Alliance

SugarCRM offers an all-new High-Definition Customer Experience (HD-CX) with the industry’s first and only no-touch, time-aware CRM platform. HD-CX is Sugar’s vision for a new standard in CX that helps companies achieve a customer view with crystal-clear fidelity. Its time-aware nature enables companies to rewind to the past, have better situational awareness about the present, and make bankable predictions about the future. Informed by the most accurate internal information possible and the best external information available, HD-CX drives companies to reach new levels of business performance and enables predictability. The value of performance and predictability applies to businesses of all sizes and in all industries.

As a Global Elite Partner of SugarCRM, Ambit’s SugarCRM practice encompasses the complete SugarCRM solution stack – Sugar Market, Sugar Sell, Sugar Serve, Sugar Integrate, Sugar Connect, Sugar Discover, Sugar Predict. Combining the power of SugarCRM with our unique CLIF Methodology, we help you create customers for life and deliver customer experiences like you’ve never seen.

SugarCRM HD-CX Features

Time-Aware HD CX

It’s about time we redefined the 360-degree customer concept and added the key missing component: Time. HD-CX provides a complete historical record of every change event in the customer journey to ensure full situational and directional awareness of your customers and your business. Other platforms provide a 360-degree view of one moment in time—right now. Sugar is the only CX platform built on a cutting-edge event stream database that records every change event in the customer journey and then predicts future outcomes. Accurate predictions enable companies to make better business decisions, manage risk, and identify and respond to problems and opportunities more quickly. Using Sugar, organizations gain rich insight into the past, present, and future of their customer-facing business processes.

Data-Enriched AI

According to Dun & Bradstreet, 91% of CRM data is incomplete and 70% goes bad every year. Sugar’s AI-technology and machine learning algorithms aren’t limited by the data in your CRM, meaning you don’t need to undergo a CRM cleanup project before seeing the value of AI. HD-CX AI models can produce phenomenal results with limited or incomplete data and enable predictions beyond the scope of your CRM data alone.

No-Touch Information Management

Engage more and maintain less. 74% of CX initiatives fail due to user adoption because they demand more effort for users to maintain than the value those users receive in return. HD-CX maximizes automation of data collection, processing, analysis, and presentation to minimize user effort and overhead. This flips the value equation enabling users to spend less time entering and finding customer information, and more time actually engaging with customers.

Business-wide Efficiency

As a process and system for empowering frontline, customer-facing employees, HD-CX provides well-integrated applications that automate, manage, and perform data consolidation across all customer-facing processes to enable coordinated engagement and shared purpose across organizations. It then grows beyond CX and extends its value by integrating with processes and data in other operational processes and systems across the company, such as finance or human resources.


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